Certification is important in the branch in which we operate and we therefore always ensure that our certification is in order.


We comply with all legislation and regulations.


We think that quality is important and want to make it tangible. Certification is important in the branch in which we operate and we therefore always ensure that our certification is in order. 

FSC® certified

Max. Aarts has already been a social responsible company since many years and has also actively participated in responsible forest management by only making use of suppliers who are FSC®-certified (FSC®-C137969). Now Max. Aarts itself is also FSC®-certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international organisation that promotes responsible forest management. It sets global standards for responsible forest management with an associated quality mark. The FSC® quality mark indicates that raw materials are used which originate from forests that are managed in a responsible manner. 

BRC AA High Hygiene

Packaging material for foods was included in the standardisation for the food industry based on the realisation that packaging and food are an integral part of one production chain. Possible bacteria or hazardous substances on or in the packaging may contaminate foods. Hence packaging material must meet the same requirements as the products that are packed in the material. The annual audit by DNV GL includes the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for packaging and packaging materials and hygiene standards. We are very critical in our self-assessments and are constantly seeking to improve all our quality standards. That our focus on quality is successful is demonstrated by the fact that we received the best rating (Degree AA) in the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials in the packaging category: High Hygiene in the field of Flexible Films and Print Processes. 


SEDEX offers a safe online platform to its members to share and manage data regarding four main issues: Health & Safety, Working Conditions, Business Ethics and the Environment. Our Sedex Reference number is: ZC3826352. SEDEX is not a policy-making body and will also not decide on or certify standards or policy. The fact that Max. Aarts has become a member of SEDEX shows that the company is prepared to share information and let others use this information when improving ethical standards in the chain.


ISCC - International Sustainability and Carbon Certification - is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, circular and bio-based materials and renewables. 


We are proud to announce that we have successfully awarded the EcoVadis Platinum sustainability rating. This places Optimum Group™ Max Aarts among the top 1% of all rated companies worldwide. EcoVadis carries out sustainability ratings of companies from all over the world, with currently a network of more than 100.000 connected companies. With a vision of a global market where sustainability information influences every business decision, improving economies, people's lives and the planet we all depend on.

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