Branding by Banding® offers opportunities in all sectors of the industry. The most well-known applications can be found in the food industry

Branding by Banding®

Distinctive added value on the supermarket shelves​!

Boost your brand with Branding by Banding

Green and sustainable packaging, a clear presentation of your product and brand information and also cost savings. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it becomes reality with the unique Branding by Banding concept by Max. Aarts and Bandall. Bring your brand to your customer in the best way possible.

More beautiful and environmentally friendly with Branding by Banding

Design is the first thing your customer sees on the shelf. And if you also show how sustainable your packaging is in that design, you have gold in your hands. A banderole means that you need fewer labels and therefore less waste. What's more, the designers provide Max. Aarts. It's like a packaging design that catches the eye right away. Win-win: your product is not only more attractive to the eye, but also to Mother Nature.

Discover the benefits

  • More space for your product itself
  • Fewer labels needed
  • Linerless labeling, so less waste
  • Sealed packaging (tamper evident)
  • Cost saving
  • Fits in with green and sustainable entrepreneurship

Successful supply chain

Max. Aarts produces in stock. The Branding by Banding concept also works in this way. Your annual requirement is printed twice by our 10-colour press. You receive what you need and we keep the other half. So you always have stock without storage problems. Smart supply chain that benefits you. Take a look at the required delivery specifications and we'll get to work.

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