With the innovative and sustainable packaging concept 'Branding by Banding®' special printing company Max. Aarts sustainable packaging solutions and contributes to reducing the consumption of packaging materials and increasing recyclability.

Have a durable banding label printed

The entire food industry is becoming more sustainable. Do not stay behind and have a 100% recyclable band printed. By doing so, you are contributing to the reduction of the waste problem. That's what Mother Nature and your environmentally conscious customer appreciate.


  • Recycled- and virgin paper (FSC-certified)


Our recyclable paper always comes from renewable forests. Our FSC certificate demonstrates this. Take advantage of our certification and add it to your list of sustainability labels. By printing an environmentally friendly tire roll, this logo can also be printed on your packaging. In addition, our banding labels are produced to BRC-grade AA food safety and are fully recyclable and compostable.

Explore the theme

Let our designers think along with you about putting your product on the market. Sustainability is an important theme. We offer printing and design proposals that are in line with this and think along with you about an even more sustainable way of producing: with sustainable ink and shipping, for example.

Stockpile production

Our method of stockholding production is also sustainable. We produce your annual requirement in just two rounds and with a 10-colour press. This means less handling and less consumption of our printing press. In addition, we arrange the storage.

Banding Label

Protection against opening. High-quality product look. Automatic processing in a banding machine intended for his purpose. Various dimensions and types of material are possible. Banding can be processed automatically on a banding machine. For information about the machines see the website: You know what type of banding you want, but you do not have the suitable packaging? No problem, Max. Aarts will solve this for you. We have a long-term experience in terms of packaging and would like to help you find or compose the right packaging.

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