SHOWTAB is designed to give you just that bit more. To add extra information, highlight branding, promotions or coding, SHOWTAB is the answer.

Stand out cleverly with the Showtab

Stand out on the shelves with our innovative showtab with a minimal label. Use the extra length of this special band with text, an action or an easy to scan barcode. Maintain optimal visibility of the product at the same time thanks to its slim design. Your environmentally conscious customer will be satisfied: less packaging means less waste.

Combine sustainability with luxury

Replace plastic bags and large packages with our luxurious, slim banding label showtab. Enjoy plenty of space for your message without unnecessary waste. Complete your sustainability drive with 100% eco-friendly material. That beautiful can be environmentally friendly.

Material options

  • FSC-certified paper
  • (Bio)film
  • Food safe ink
  • Ultra Clean Seal: no glue required
  • Metal detection

Get professional support

With a striking appearance, your product catches the eye. We think along with you about the design. Benefit from the expertise of our designers and let them inspire and support you. You can also view proofs so that you can be sure that the design meets your requirements.

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