The Special printed banding labels are available in various types and dimensions, with printing techniques up to 10-colour print.

Special printed banding labels

The printed banding label has increasingly become the information carrier for a product. The printed banding label is used on private label products as well as on brand products.

Unpack with our special banding label packaging

A banding label is an information carrier and product valve in One. The product itself remains perfectly visible and at the same time pops out of the shelves. Keep your packaging attractive and combine the forces of paper and plastic. Discover our specials.

Format (on rolls)

  • 28 mm x 800 m
  • 40 mm x 800 m
  • 48 mm x 800 m
  • 60 mm x 800 m
  • 75 mm x 800 m
  • 100 mm x 800 m
  • 125 mm x 800 m
  • 30 mm x 150 m

Always in stock

Because of our unique method of stockpiling, you are never shy of the showstopper of a paper banderole. Your packaging is a permanent addition to the supermarket. Whether in the refrigerated compartment or in the freezer: with the right combination of materials, your product and its appearance remain beautiful.


  • Printable on both sides
  • Contour punching (fantasy die cut) possible.
  • Materials: kraft paper, MC paper, laminated paper, matt laminate, metalised cold foil or PLA Biodegradable or from BOPP or BOPP laminated (BOPP white or transparent) and compostable, biodegradable and FSC-certified material.
  • Flexo UV & Digital printing
  • Printing up to 10 colours in one run
  • Reverse printing
  • Combine paper and plastic. Go for paper look and benefit from the strength of plastic at the same time.

Don't invent the wheel yourself

Let our designers think along with you and draw up a sample design. So you can give the launch of a new product or a special offer the boost it deserves. During such a busy period, you can leave the assignment entirely up to us with confidence, or we'll work together.

The special band is increasingly becoming the information carrier for a product. You can see the special band on private label products as well as on branded products.

Why the special printed banding label? 

Protection against opening. High-quality product look. Automatic processing in a banding machine intended for his purpose. Various dimensions and types of material are possible. Banding can be processed automatically on a banding machine. For information about the machines see the website: You know what type of banding you want, but you do not have the suitable packaging? No problem, Max. Aarts will solve this for you. We have a long-term experience in terms of packaging and would like to help you find or compose the right packaging.

Design and Pre-press

You do not know exactly yet how the design should look like? No problem. We have a fully equipped studio where we and an enthusiastic team like to think along with you about the design, layout and application to ensure a sound product. We will be pleased to draw up a printing or design proposal for you, free of obligation.

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