Bio-Banding label

With the innovative and sustainable packaging concept'Branding by Banding® special printing company Max. Aarts sustainable packaging solutions and contributes to reducing the consumption of packaging materials and increasing recyclability.

Bio-banding label

Special printing company Max. Aarts, your partner for sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

With the innovative and sustainable packaging concept, Branding by Banding®, specialist printers Max. Aarts offer sustainable packaging solutions, thereby contributing to a reduction of the use of packaging materials and higher levels of recycling.

One such example is the Bio-Banding label. Bio-Banding label can be made of kraft paper (FSC-certified) with an organic coating, or of an organicbased synthetic material. These materials are fully organic-based, making this banding 100% recyclable.

  •   Recyclable
  •   Compostable
  •   Food safe (BRC Grade AA)
  •   FSC® certified

Banding Label

Protection against opening. High-quality product look. Automatic processing in a banding machine intended for his purpose. Various dimensions and types of material are possible. Banding can be processed automatically on a banding machine. For information about the machines see the website: You know what type of banding you want, but you do not have the suitable packaging? No problem, Max. Aarts will solve this for you. We have a long-term experience in terms of packaging and would like to help you find or compose the right packaging.

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