From idea to concept to realised product.

You only have an idea and do not know yet how the packaging should look like? This is not a problem for us at all.

We have organised our operational process in such a way that we are more than merely your supplier of labels or packaging solutions. All work, from pre-press to end product, is done at our own company, which means that the lines are short and the communication with you is direct.   

We have customers in various branches for whom we have developed special packaging material. We focused on the wishes of customers and developed a unique product which only we can produce. Another example is our multilayer label "label on label". Producing a multilayer label, whereby a smaller label can be placed on a larger label is a speciality of Max. Aarts. In this way we produce the labels of Rondeel Eieren. This poultry farm which is managed in a socially responsible way was seeking a special label that could be processed on its packaging, but which also had to tell the story of Rondeel eggs. The illustration shows very well that we, together with Rondeel Eieren, have realised a fantastic end product.

Watch our website, because new customer cases will regularly be published which will show even more clearly what our added value is and what we stand for as a company.   

Marketing  Department
Marketing Department
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