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Choose a greener approach with our Optimum Green products

We make a permanent contribution to sustainable enterprise with our products. Explore our growing assortment of sustainable packaging and labeling solutions. You will always find a solution that is consistent with your CSR policy among the products in our Optimum Green portfolio. Together we strive for a sustainable future in a structural and sustainable manner.

Reuse Reduce Recycle Replace Responsibility

Minimal effort, major results

You can no longer avoid it. Your company must opt for environmentally-friendlier packaging. Benefit from our relevant advice and discover how our Optimum Green portfolio can speed up your sustainability transition. All products comply with the sustainability standards of reuse, reduce, recycle, replace and responsibility.

Discover the best solution for your product

Our extensive product portfolio is diverse. Take advantage of our unique Bio-Banding labels and benefit from our thinner blank labels that offer even more flexible applications. Whatever you have to pack, from cosmetics to fresh produce, we have the ideal sustainable solution that satisfies all relevant guidelines. Our specialists advise you from product to design, and share their expertise on integrating it in our production line. Together we will examine the sustainability transition that is best suited to your needs.

Thinner labels

Find out about our new standard: super-thin labels. At the Optimum Group our thinner materials enable us to reduce roll changes by 13% and produce 25% less waste. This not only makes a difference in production and emissions, but also in storage and transport. We are the only printing group in the Netherlands to work with the six thinner RAFNXT+ products by the brand UPM Raflatac.

Thinner films

Use our thinner films to make a difference. These sustainable versions are up to 15% thinner. With plenty of space for advertising and product information, your products will still stand out on the shelves. In many cases the product becomes portable, reducing the need for plastic bags. A win-win situation in terms of sustainability.

Compostable labels

Be creative and compostable. Discover how to reduce your impact on the environment with our labels made from sugar cane fibres. If the packaging is thrown away there are no adverse effects. This enables you to offer your customer a more sustainable lifestyle through your packaging solution. Our compostable labels are fully biodegradable.

Labels from FSC paper

Let everyone know that you are striving for a more sustainable world with our labels from FSC paper. This Optimum Green product is made from sustainably obtained wood. The FSC label guarantees that we work with renewable raw materials and replant what we consume. FSC stands for transparency and forest conservation. Have the quality label added to your packaging. So everyone knows that your organisation is working towards a more sustainable world.

Linerless labels

Save on waste costs with our linerless labels. These labels use 60% less material during production. The name says it all: no surplus backing paper or liner that you need to dispose of. Offering you a packaging solution with no residual waste. During production we can print more labels on a roll and the variable label size means fewer roll changes. Therefore, our linerless labels offer a sustainable solution on several levels.


Use our Bio-Banding to pack your product in a food safe and fully recyclable manner. The main component is kraft paper and the coating is also organic: produced from potato starch and therefore compostable. Surround your product in this Optimum Green packaging and you'll make short shrift of the growing waste issue.

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