Self-adhesive labels

We produce self-adhesive labels on a roll in every required quantity, quality, form and dimension for various applications. Labels are used on all kinds of different products in different branches. We are a specialist in producing labels for the food industry. Thanks to the highest achievable (degree AA) BRC-IoP certification in the packaging category ‘High Hygiene’, our labels can be an integral part of the production process. We also offer labels for branches such as Transport, Cosmetics / Health Care, Chemistry, Animal Feed, Flora and the Wholesale Trade. Our labels are produced in various types and dimensions. We make use of UV Flexo rotation printing or digital printing. The printing can take place up to 10 colours in one run. We only make use of low-migration and environmentally friendly ink. Our labels can be printed on each required material. On (un)coated, thermal, vellum, sugar cane or metallised paper. Also on PE, PP transparent, PP /ultra clear, PP white, PP no label look and PET.