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Handy Handle

We produce handle labels on rolls for various applications, printed up to 8 colors.

Handy Handle

The Handy Handle is the environmentally conscious, easy and inexpensive replacement for plastic carrier bags. With this self-adhesive label with handle, your customer can easily lift parcels up to 20 kilos. Have the carrier label printed in full colour with a logo or action and impress with this step forward in parcel transport.

With the Handy Handle:

Lifts your customer easily large packaging such as wine boxes, pet food, electronics and toys.

You use much less plastic than with the traditional bag: good for the environment and attractive for your environmentally conscious customer.

You determine the core diameter, dimensions, roll winding and the number of labels on roll or you receive them cut and stacked.

Stand out with a personal print

By definition, you stand out with the Handy Handle because it is a new and progressive wearing method. Make the most of this advantage and print your entire length of the Handy Handle with your logo or action. Choose from Max. Aarts for a full-colour print in up to 10 colours in sharp quality. Do you want to see a proof before you choose your design? This is always possible with us.

Choose your material

  • PE
  • PET
  • PP:
  • Clear/Blanc
  • Ultra Clear
  • White
  • No Label Look

Get support

Do you want to introduce the Handy Handle in your company, but you don't know exactly with which print and design? Call in our design team and make a big impression with a perfectly styled Handy Handle. With our years of experience we translate your wishes into a beautiful and practical product that your customers will enjoy.

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