We process all common security materials such as holographic film, ultra destructible, laminated film with adhesive security texts. We also compose customer-specific materials ourselves

Printed self-adhesive labels

We produce printed self-adhesive labels up to 10 colours on a roll in every required quantity, quality, form and dimension for various applications.

Simple and affordable label printing

Take advantage of our custom label printing solutions. We deliver on rolls, but also cut and stacked. Promote offers and give them a prominent place. Your packaging stands out even more with our printed labels.

Seals and other security

Use printed labels to better seal your products. We have all the materials in house to offer the best solution. This way you can close your product with the best security materials or a combination of these:

  • Holographic film
  • Ultra destructables
  • Laminated film with adhesive security texts
  • Tailor-made solutions

Have labels printed and always have them in stock

Our unique way of producing in stock means that we can switch quickly and keep track of your stock. This means an attractive price with the guarantee that you will not run out of your beloved offer or closure labels.

Production possibilities

  • Printing up to 10 colours in one run
  • Lamination with or without intermediate pressure
  • Printing in the glue
  • Multi-layer with and without die-cutting
  • Printing of the carrier paper
  • Detailed fantasy poses
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Zig-zag folded pinfeed labels
  • Sheet printing and punching
  • A4 sheets

Max. Aarts takes your work off your hands

Hand over all the work on your packaging. Outsource the design to our specialists in the studio and let us advise you on the further production process. Everything for an efficient, food-safe and environmentally friendly handling.

Design and Pre-press

You do not know exactly yet how the design should look like? No problem. We have a fully equipped studio where we and an enthusiastic team like to think along with you about the design, layout and application to ensure a sound product. We will be pleased to draw up a printing or design proposal for you, free of obligation.

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Printed Self Adhesive Labels Max. Aarts
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